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CA11 7BA

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Opening Hours- Mon-Fri 9:00am to 4:30pm

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John Nicoll is a qualified and registered dental technician.

At the denture studio we know how important your appearance is to you and we want you to be able to smile with confidence, so we offer all our patients Cosmetic Dentures for a complete makeover.
One of our main aims when we handcraft our dentures is to provide you with a nice smile and a natural appearance.
We set your new denture teeth where your natural ones once existed, giving vital support for your lips and cheeks.
  1.  Hand crafted cosmetic dentures
  2.  Denture teeth positioned to give you fuller lips
  3.  Gender specific tooth shapes and colours that will  compliment your gender, age and personality
  4.  Increasing the distance between your chin & nose to  correct any sunken features
  5.  Registering the perfect bite to ensure maximum  comfort & allowing you to eat better
  6.  Repositioning your denture teeth to give you a softer,  more relaxed natural appearance
  7.  Providing you with the correct lip & facial support
  8.  Providing you with natural looking dentures
  9.  The result of giving you one of our Dentures A New  Smile makeovers and providing you with cosmetic  dentures is you will have a brighter more natural smile  and you will have a healthier and more youthful  appearance.


Flash Holder

Pro shields mouthguards

The pro-sheild mouthguards are essential kit for sportsmen and women who are looking for protection whilst competing in high impact sports.

Available in a large range of colours and designs we can customize your gum shield to your exact requirements



Valplast Flexible Partial Dentures

Valplast is the original flexible denture based resin that is ideal for partial dentures and unilateral restorations without the need for unsightly metal clasps.

Injection moulded from a nylon based thermoplastic, Valplast has been available for over 50years in the united states and now from many dental practices within the UK.

The injection moulding process allows the dentures to remain strong yet extremely thin allowing Valplast Flexible Partials to blend in well with the natural appearance of the gums, making the partial virtually invisible.

Valplast's unique material blends in with the natural tissue providing virtually invisible support and a more pleasing smile. Valplast is available in four natural tones - pink, light pink, meharry and light meharry - to match the patient's colouring.

A non-pigmented option is also available for special applications.

Valplast Key benefits are:

  • > Non Invasive treatment
  • > Completely Monomer free
  • > Increased Patient Comfort
  • > Superior Aesthetics
  • > Clinically Unbreakable
  • > Lifetime Guarentee
  • > Reduces clinical chair time


Cobalt Chromes

The two systems that we employ are the Vitallium and Bego Wironit systems.

BEGO wironit chromes produced by this system offer high quality chrome framework at affordable price for surgeons and laboratories.

The excellent properties of the revolutionary VITALLIUM system, which are reflected in the reliability and comfort of every Vitallium denture, have remained the basis for the leading position of Vitallium alloys on the world market.

VITALLIUM  is only used in laboratories where the technicians have been thoroughly instructed in all aspects of the alloys consumables, and equipment


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