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    Nicolls Dental Practice & Denture Studio

    The Old Observer House

    Rowcliffe Lane


    CA11 7BA

    Telephone: 01768867399

     24 Hour Mobile: 07410694305


    Opening Hours- Mon-Fri 9:00am to 4:30pm

    Please call us for Saturday appointments


    Dr. Isabelle Nicoll - Partner Dentist B.D.S.

    GDC No. 72244

    Qualified in 1996 at the prominent Karolinska Instsitute. University Hospital and Science Research Centre in Stockholm.

    Isabelle who is thoroughly passionate about her job, spends time with her skilled and motivated team striving for perfection in order to gain the best possible results for her patients.


    The initial routine dental appointment which includes a consultation with Isabelle covers the following:

    • full oral examination                                      
    • medical check
    • dental bone level check
    • mouth cancer screening
    • oral hygiene advice
    • treatment plan and options
    • written estimate

    Additional services:

    • Hygiene visits complete scale, polish & (optional) stain removal done by the Dentist.
    • Tailor-Made Dentures from our on site denture studio & emergency denture repairs
    • Cosmetic Crown & Bridge
    • Aesthetic White Fillings
    • Tooth Whitening home kits and refills
    • Surgical procedures
    • Endodontics (root canal treatment)
    • 24hrs emergency service
    • Home visit service
    • Dental products from toothbrushes to toothpaste


    Our Adult Membership plan costs only £15.13 per month.

           The list below show what is included.
    • Oral health examination every 6 months including treatment plan and written estimate.
    •  Oral hygiene visit every 6 months including scale and polish, oral health advice, dental bone level check.
    • Oral cancer screening.
    • Any necessary x-rays.
    •  20% discount on all dental treatment including laboratory work.
    •  20% discount on additional hygiene visits.
    •  Emergency dental accident/trauma cover (Uk and Worldwide*)
    •  Redundancy protection for your monthly payments (up  to 12 months*)
    •  Free dental emergency 24 hours call out service.  

    We are constantly monitoring our prices in order to remain competitive.

    All patients will receive a full written estimate & consent form, after there initial consultation.

    No payment will be asked for until treatment is commenced, although certain treatment will require a deposit or part payment at the start.

    After treatment is completed a written receipt is available outlining a summary of the dental treatment and the costs.

    We are happy for patients to pay as they go, or join our practice patient plan. A list of our current fees & practice brochures are available at our reception, and patients are free to come in and collect a copy whenever they feel.
    Please note all children accompanied with a registered adult will receive free routine check-ups and minor treatment free of charge up to the age of 16

    We accept all major bank cards & credit cards.
    Concessionary Rates
    Although we run a small specialised private surgery,we have recently introduced practice concessions plan. This will encourage new & old patients on limited incomes to visit the dentist. Patients pay only a percentage of private fees on certain treatment.

    All new patients pay an initial fee of £65.00 this includes a full dental examination, consultation & registration.

     Price List 2017


                                                                            Private                       Practice Plan


    New Patient Exam                                          65.00                        -

    Routine Exam                                                  42.00                        Included


    Examinations - Children - 16 or under

    New Patient Exam (Parent Registered)      Free                          -

    New Patient Exam                                         35.00                         -

    Routine Exam                                                 21.00                         Included


    Emergency Appointment

    During working hours                                    75.00                        Included

    Out of  working hours                                    85.00                       Included



    Dental X-rays                                                  16.00 (each)             Included



    Scale & Polish                                                 46.00                         Included

    Extensive Scale & Polish                               78.00                         65.00



    Silver (Amalgam) Fillings                   From  85.00             From 68.00

    White (Composite) Fillings                From  98.00             From 78.40

    Temporary Filling                                           25.00                        23.20


    Root Canal Treatment (Inc. Filling & X-rays)

    Incisor/Canine (1 root)                                    340.00                       272.00

    Premolar (2 roots)                                            410.00                       328.00

    Molar (3 or more roots)                                   520.00                       416.00



    Emergency Extraction                                    149.00                       119.20

    Extraction                                                          115.00                       92.00

    Surgical Extraction                                          156.00                       124.80


    Tooth Whitening

    Instant Tooth Whitening (20 mins in-house)  99.00                         99.00


    Home Kit Tooth Whitening

    (Including Taylor-made Whitening Trays)      210.00                      210.00


    Whitening Trays Only x2                                   90.00                        90.00


    Whitening Refill (Large 3ml) x4                        120.00                      120.00


                                                                            Private                        Practice Plan


    Standard Acrylic Dentures (per arch)           420.00                      336.00

    Premium Acrylic Dentures (per arch)           565.00                      452.00

    Cobalt Chrome Dentures (per arch)             230.00                       184.00

    Flexi-Dentures (per arch)                               795.00                       636.00

    Crowns & Bridges

    Porcelain Bonded Crown                   From  558.00           From    446.40

    Porcelain Ceramic Crown                   From 459.00           From    367.20

    Porcelain Bonded Bridge (per unit)             425.00                         340.00

    Maryland Bridge                                             425.00                         340.00

    Gold Crown                                                      460.00                        368.00

    Gold Inlay                                                         395.00                         316.00

    Re-Cement Crown                                          39.00                          31.20

    Bridge Re-Cementation                                 65.00                          52.00

    Crown or Bridge Removal                              150.00                         120.00



    Soft Splint                                                          129.00                       103.20

    Hard Splint                                                        99.00                         79.20

    Sports Mouth Guard                                        65.00                         52.00



    Referral Letter                                                 15.00                         15.00

    Prescription                                                      12.00                         Included                 

    Missed Appointment                                      35.00                        35.00


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